Adderall extended-release is typically marketed as Adderall XR in order to avoid multiple daily doses of immediate release Adderall. In children taking Adderall at school for attention deficit disorder or ADHD having to go to the school nurse to obtain their midday dose of immediate release Adderall can be both socially stigmatizing and inconvenient. The use of Adderall XR often allows a single daily dose of Adderall avoiding the need for midday dosages.

Typical Adderall XR dosing is from 10 mg to 40 mg daily. Occasionally Adderall XR at higher doses is used and sometimes a second dose of immediate release Adderall is needed in the early afternoon for patients who seem to more quickly metabolized Adderall XR.

One issue with Adderall XR is that it’s considerably more expensive than Adderall immediate release. Unfortunately most of the alternative extended-release stimulants for ADD and ADHD are also quite expensive. Patients may want to check with their insurance EGC which of the medications for ADD and ADHD are covered with the lowest tier co-pay on their insurance. boasts one of the top pages about Adderall side effects found anywhere on the internet. Thanks for reading and we urge you to share about Adderall in our forum.

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