Adderall is a central nervous system stimulant and with prolonged use can lead to and Adderall withdrawal syndrome. Typically patients who have Adderall withdrawal note nervousness, depression, extreme tiredness and fatigue and sometimes palpitations or heart rhythm concerns. Most of the time Adderall withdrawal is not life-threatening but can be quite miserable.

In order to prevent Adderall withdrawal of some physicians recommend drug holidays on weekends for students if behavior problems are not so difficult to manage at home. Other physicians recommend a drug holidays in the summertime when homework again is not such a problem. Most of the time Adderall withdrawal can be managed by simply of fairly brief taper off the medication rather than abruptly discontinuing. Again many patients don’t note Adderall withdrawal symptoms even after prolonged Adderall use. Our main side effects page about Adderall side effects at is truly the best information you will find online without going to see your doctor.

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