Ambien and alcohol are both central nervous system side depressants, and excess sedation and loss of coordination and accidents are a major concern when Ambien and alcohol are used in combination. When you are using Ambien, alcohol should not be used. The combination of Ambien and alcohol can also lead to speech problems, drowsiness, memory blackout, loss of good judgement in decision making, severe depression and loss of consciousness. Ambien is a schedule three prescription medication, meaning that it has the potential for addiction and abuse. Ambien is primarily used in the treatment of short term insomnia. Ambien is quite effective at helping a person get to sleep, but its effects tend to be fairly brief, and early awakening is sometimes a drawback.

Ambien dosages of 5 mg and 10 mg are available, and it is also sold as a generic medication called zolpidem. Since the loss of the patent on Ambien the cost has come down dramatically making its use much more affordable for most patients who need to use Ambien in the United States. Ambien and alcohol in combination need to be carefully avoided. See our main Ambien side effects page on and if you have any special info about alcohol and ambien please leave it below.


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