Amitriptylene and alcohol should not be used in combination. Amitriptyline is a tri-cyclic anti-depressant used for depressive illness and also to prevent migraine. It works on the chemicals inside the brain which may become unbalanced. Intake of Amitriptyline and Alcohol together can create problems in in at least two ways: alcohol has direct central nervous system depressant effects that can make depression worse, and at the same time it may increase the side effects of Amitriptyline too. The amitriptyline side effects of sedation and confusion are especially prone to exacerbation when amitripylene and alcohol are used in combination.

Alcohol can lessen the antidepressant benefits of amitriptyline and increase the negative effect of amitriptyline. It may enhance drowsiness and decrease co-ordination. You might not be able to drive your car or operate a machine safely. It also can increase your depression level and an overdose may lead to a suicidal attempt as well. Mixture of amitriptyline and alcohol can create excessive sedation and suppress respiratory functions and slow down the heart rate. Amitriptylene and alcohol in combination can even be fatal if high doses or either are consumed.

Generally doctors always advise their patients to stay away from alcohol when you are under any kind of medication like amitritylene that can lead to sedation.

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