Aspirin and alcohol should not be used in combination because of an increased risk of aspirin side effects. Aspirin is often used as a treatment for headache, a common side effect of drinking excessive alcohol. Excess alcohol intake frequently leads to other manifestations of a hangover including gastritis and vomiting. Aspirin has the common side effect of causing gastritis, gastric ulcers and also interferes irreversibly with platelet aggregation and function. The combination of aspirin and alcohol can lead to gastric bleeding, hemorrhage and severe blood loss. For these reasons use of aspirin while drinking alcohol as well as for treatment of a hangover is a poor choice.

Aspirin is being used as an analgesic and also as an antipyretic. It belongs to the class of salicylate drugs. It is often used in aches and pains and for fevers.

It is important to keep aspirin use the lowest effective aspirin dosage in order to avoid the gastrointestinal aspirin side effects. Aspirin is used in low dosage for its antiplatelet effects, and at this low dose aspirin and alcohol are much less likely to be a concern. A good rule of thumb is that you should limit your consumption of alcohol are medically on aspirin.


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