Many medications have potential interactions with grapefruit juice but ibuprofen and grapefruit is not felt to be particularly problematic. The mechanism of action of grapefruit juice in interfering with medication metabolism is when grapefruit leads to competitive inhibition of the intestinal enzyme CYP 3A4. This enzyme can lead to the metabolism of some medications prior to their absorption and therefore decrease medication absorption and subsequent serum drug levels. Because ibuprofen is primarily metabolized using the CYP P2C9 pathway is not felt to be a major factor in combination with ibuprofen.

Despite this a general rule fondness that medication should be taken with water not with grapefruit juice. The issue with grapefruit juice is more complicated this because the CYP 3A4 inhibition is felt to be irreversible and can affect drug metabolism long after eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice.

That said if ibuprofen as the only medication you’re taking there is little evidence to suggest that ibuprofen grapefruit juice is combination to avoid. Check the main page about Ibuprofen side effects before leaving SideEffectz.com.

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