Lamictal and alcohol are a problem when taken together primarily because alcohol is a problem when used by patients with the conditions Lamictal is used to treat. Lamictal is a medication used as a mood stabilizer in bipolar disorder and for the treatment of some select types of epilepsy. Alcohol is a problem for many patients with bipolar disorder, and can lower the seizure threshold in some patients with epilepsy.

Lamictal is a brand of the generic medication lamotrigine. Less commonly Lamictal is used in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia. Lamictal is often found to be an effective mood stabilizer in bipolar disorder, and has become more popular since becoming available at significantly lower cost as a generic product. There are no major drug interactions of concern if both Lamictal and alcohol are ingested together.

Some of the major side effects of Lamictal are dermatologic, and sometimes these side effects may lead to life-threatening skin eruptions such as toxic epidermal necrolysis. Decrease of white blood cells or leucopenia is also evident sometimes one of the Lamictal side effects.

Although there is no major drug interaction between lamictal and alcohol, some patients find a worsening of Lamictal side effects when alcohol is consumed including double vision, dizziness, dryness of mouth, nightmares, nausea, and insomnia. For these reasons most physicians discourage their patients using Lamictal from drinking alcohol. If you are using Lamictal and alcohol is important to you, keep your alcohol intake to a minimum, and let your physician know that you are drinking.


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