Combination of Lithium and alcohol do not have any such serious negative effects on the human body like some other drugs may have. The big issue with Lithium and alcohol is that the primary indication for Lithium is bipolar disorder, and that substance abuse is often a problem for patients with this condition. For this reason many physicians discourage alcohol use in patients on treatment for bipolar disease.

Lithium is generally used for controlling the mania associated with bipolar disorder. Lithium can be very effective for this indication, although often Lithium side effects can limit the use for many patients. Lithium if an element and is usually prescribed as a salt as lithium carbonate. The therapeutic window for Lithium is quite narrow, meaning that the lowest effective serum levels of lithium are not very different from the serum levels that can be toxic. Careful monitoring of serum levels of lithium are a standard part of use of this drug. Alcohol use is often associated with poor compliance with taking medications, as well as suboptimal physician follow up, so Lithium and alcohol may be problems if these issues arise.

Side effects like drowsiness, misjudgment, poor nutrition and others can hamper your regular activities of life, which you can easily avoid by not taking Lithium and alcohol at the same time. If you are prescribe lithium and alcohol use is something you enjoy be sure to let your doctor know about this possible concern.

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