One of the bandages of metformin over some other oral diabetes medications is that metformin weight gain is not common. Some patients may note metformin weight gain but statistically the incidence of metformin weight gain is low enough that other causes weight gain need to be considered. With the use of insulin weight gain is very common. This is one of the reasons that management of type II diabetes with oral medications like metformin is preferred over the use of insulin when adequate glycemic control can be obtained with oral medications.

Other medications including the sulfonylureas more commonly cause weight gain than does metformin. In fact metformin is often used in polycystic ovarian disease a condition of women where the ovaries develop numerous cysts and anovulation. Polycystic ovarian disease is often associated with obesity and the use of metformin is indicated to improve fertility as well as reduce other problems related with polycystic ovarian disease.

Overall metformin weight gain is generally not considered to be one of the metformin side effects faced by patients.

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