Percocet and alcohol in combination are dangerous because of the potential for respiratory depression, accidental overdosage and cumulative hepatic toxicity. Percocet is made up of acetaminophen and oxycodone. Both the oxycodone and the acetaminophen are analgesics, and Percocet is primarily used in the treatment of moderate to severe pain. Percocet is available in several strengths, with from 5-10 mg of oxycodone in each pill. Oxycodone is a short acting opioid analgesic that is FDA schedule 2, meaning that the FDA considers Percocet to have risks of addiction, misuse and diversion, so it is controlled by rules concerning how it may be prescribed. In fact Percocet is a drug where misuse and diversion is prevalent, and it has considerable black-market street value.

Percocet should not be used in doses higher than what has been prescribed. Both the oxycodone and the acetaminophen have serious danger potential when taken in over-dosage. Acetaminophen overdose can even lead to serious liver toxicity, and subsequent liver failure. Oxycodone over-dosage can lead to central nervous system depression, respiratory center depression, respiratory failure and death. Percocet and alcohol in combination can make an over-dosage of either the oxycodone or the acetaminophen more dangerous.

Another concern with Percocet and alcohol is the potential for poor judgment and decision making while drinking alcohol. This could lead to Percocet accidental overdose, decisions to engage in activities that put the user or others at risk like driving an automobile while under the influence of this drug combination, or to do things that make the underlying cause of pain worse.

Thus, it is highly advisable to avoid taking alcohol and Percocet simultaneously. Leave a comment in the place below about percocet and alcohol and please visit’s main page on percocet side effects.


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