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    Would like some honest input from anyone who has had experience with the use of Ambien and chronic back pain issues. First I’ve had insomnia for most of my life.. tried all things, started Ambien and was so happy with the results. Yes I’ve had the “Ambien” phone calls int he middle of the night, short term memory issues, all worth a good nights sleep though. I’ve also struggled with depression for the last several years and been happily on prozac which I feel as controlled it well enough. One year ago I began suffering the worst neck and upper back pain I’ve ever had in my life, for no reason. I am 50 by the way. and post menopausal. Have in the last year been to 8 doctors for my chronic pain. Had the traditional xrays, mri, been told i have 2 bulging discs and 4 bone spurs. I have tried chiropractic care, physical therapy, accupunture, deep tissue massage, Epidural steroid injections, oral steroids. I’ve been told I need major spinal fusion surgery, also been told there is nothing wrong with me and it’s all in my head and to deal with it. I finally found a dr who seems to be willing to help me and in the process of having medial branch blocks done and later a rhizotomy is planned. Meanwhile he has put me on Cymbalta for my depression, tiziridine , which is a strong muscle relaxant, and hydrocodone for pain. I have had no problems the first couple of weeks of taking the meds along with my nightly 10 mg of Ambien. Two weeks into this in the middle of the night one night, I took a really hard fall after getting up to go to the bathroom. Really hard fall, I was awake, just thought I lost my balance and didn’t really think too much about it any more. Then a few nights later, my husband said after I went to bed I came stumbling back into the living room, mumbling that I didn’t feel right and that someone had put something in my drink and that I fell. He put me back to bed. The last 3 nights I have had episodes of the same, getting up,falling, saying weird things, not remembering till the next morning that anything happened. I have researched and researched. My dr is out of town over the holidays till the beginning of next week. I’m afraid I’m going to do more damage to my back than is already there with the falls. I dont’ know if it’s a combination of the Ambien and the cymbalta, or the Ambian and the tirziridine.. I don’t feel like it’s the hydrocodone, I’ve been taking that for almost 6 months now. When I take the tiziridine I feel very dizzy, light headed, almost sick at my stomach. When I stand up, everything goes black and I have to hold on to something for a good 10 minutes. BUT IT IS HELPING MY BACK PAIN!!! What do I do? any suggestions??? Help me please?



I can understand what you are going through. I also have chronic back pain. My problem was from a birth defect called spondylolythesis. I have lived with it most of my life and raised 5 children with all the pain. Part of the vertebrae in my lower back was missing and slipping forward causing nerve damage. I had a spinal fusion in 2001. I now have two rods and 6 screws in my lower back. I also have the bone spurs and disk problems along with Osteo- arthritis. I take 400 mg of Etodolac twice a day morning and night. It is an anti-inflammatory drug that is the generic for Lodine.I feel it has helped a lot and seems to work well with the Ambien. If I miss even one time taking the Etodolac I have serious problems and can hardly walk so I am very faithful about taking it. I have been on Ambien since around 1995. It seems the Ambien and Etodolac work great together and don’t cause the problems you are having. I have tried to stir away from pain medications. I try to stay in bed once I take my Ambien but sometime I get up also.I am not dizzy and have never fallen so I suspect your medications aren’t safe to take together. Try taking your pain medicines in the morning and not at night. I have also tried muscle relaxers but didn’t stay on them because they made me so out of it and dizzy during the day.
Good luck! The most important thing is finding a Good Doctor and figuring out which Medications compliment each other.

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