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    I took this drug ONCE and had extremely frightening hallucinations that left me disoriented, in tears and afraid to fall back asleep. I would not recommend taking this if you live alone, in case you have a similar experience. Luckily I had people to comfort me.



    No, that is not true at all. I have been taking Ambien for 2 years for my chronic insomnia. I sleep every night.



    My wife has been taking Ambien off and on for ten years. It is going to end our marriage if she doesn’t stop. The hallucinations and wandering are more than I can bear. She has driven naked to fast food restaurant drive thru’s, and often wanders into our 20 yr old’s bedroom, thinking he is me.

    If you are experiencing side effects, or are being told you are, for the sake of your loved ones please stop taking it.



    That is so crazy… the same thing happened to me. And after it happened, I was scared to be home alone for almost a month, I kept going back to that place the medicine took me too. Do not recommend.


    Rob F

    There was the highly publicized case of Congressman Patrick Kennedy of Rhode Island, I believe, back in 2006…. The story claimed to have taken Ambien and got into a car and had an accident, crashing into a barrier. It’s widely documented on the Internet.



    This is one of the MOST DANGEROUS drugs on the market and it MUS BE STOPPED!!! The alternate realities created while on ambien are so real that you may hurt yourself or others or do things that you otherwise would NEVER do. I am starting a campaign to have AMBIEN in all forms REMOVED FROM THE MARKET. WAKE UP PEOPLE IT IS A LEGAL HALLUCINOGEN



    I’ve been weaning myself off of this drug now. When I take 5 mg. I get to sleep quickly but then wake up at 2 and stay awake for several hours. Then I won’t take any of it for several nights but the nightmares are so strange! I couldn’t make those stories up, they are that weird. Now I’m at the point where I need the sleep (lack of good sleep is giving me high blood pressure) but the dreams are too strange to deal with. I don’t think my primary care physician has a clue about how strange this drug is. I have been putting 5 mg. at my bedside but then choosing not to take it. That feels better to me now than taking it.



    My boyfriend has been taking ambien for 2 months now and just christmas night he took off driving the car and had no Idea he was doing it… He now sits in jail awaiting charges of a controlled substance as he was not drunk but the police could not figure out why he was acting the way he was and he ran from the police in the car so he got a charge of eluding police now with 7500 dollar bond I sit at home while he sits in jail from a side affect of ambien that he had no control over wow what a drug i would rather be sleep deprived and have my boyfriend at home than in jail they should take this drug off the market…



    when I first started taking this drug I laughed at the crazy stuff people do..I am now one of those people..this drug is definetly a hallucinogen! the first time I took it I hallucinated.the next time I took it I woke up and saw faces in a fake tree in the corner of my boyfriends room I was so freaked out it was so real. my boyfriend takes it as well and knew what was wrong.I do not hallucinate anymore,but I have nights where I do not remember any of my behavior…NOW I am starting to have bizarre dreams and sometimes they are so short and normal I think i might have actually really did it instead of dreamt of it?? anybody else having nightares every night??



    My husband began taking Ambien almost 2 weeks ago. He has been waking me up in the middle of the night on purpose or just making loud noises. He has been hallucinating and now this morning I awoke to the carpet on fire. His actions are at times even scarring him. I will be talking to him today to stop this medication as we have children in the house and I need to protect them also.


    Iris Morales

    I was prescribed ambien several years ago, with my then primary doctor staing that it was safe. I triedit for two nights, and ibstead of sleep what I gotvaws an aggravated state of agitated wakefulness. I felt worse than before. I returned and told my doctor what had occurred but she just appeared annoyed that I had no “given it time…”. Considering ALL of the media attention to the significant SERIOUS situations arising while “asleep” on Ambien, it is a CRIME not to have it withdrawn fron the market. Your husband’s experiences are unacceptable, yet others have even gone out WHILE “ASLEEP” and have operated vehichles, had accidents, and gotten arrested. I would not have a loved one on this nightmare-maker.

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