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    I’m a 37 year old female and took Ambien for my insomnia which I had from 2008. I only managed to get 4-5 hours sleep at night and felt drowsy and confused during the day. I also became very aggitated and emotional, and my body would twitch and jerk at night after I took the pill. My insomnia disappeared after I decided to try daily prayer and I give credit to Jesus for helping me out with that one.


    laura smith

    You are right, Ambien is not safe…. what would i do without it though ? sleep deprivation is ALMOST as bad as the side effects of Ambien. we need to force the pharmacy community to help us now.


    laura smith

    I have been on it 6 years and it still works for me although i realize the dangers of taking it. sleep deprivation is also a danger. i overdosed on Xanax trying to get sleep after 3 weeks of nothing. insomnia is a dangerous illness and needs to get the attention it deserves so we can get better medicines that are not as bad as the disease.



    Thank you Ann, I also went off Ambien. This will be my 4th night sleeping without it. I also told God to help me on this. Last night I had a better sleep and I am trusting in him. Praise Him! I am a lot older than you and I know He hears our prayers. (I am 74)



    I have been on Ambien since 08, since my mom passed away, i could not sleep after her death, i was on the cr 12mg and i was having some really bad nightmares, then they switched it to the regular Ambien 10mg, my doctor gave me a prescription for a yr so i had no need to see her, i did not take them every day since my hubby works nights every few months and i was alone with the kids, but I have experienced memory loss, sore throat, extreme headaches and mood swings, but it helped me sleep and all i want is too sleep, i finally used up my last one a few days ago and i went out and bought UNISOM, bad idea, that really messed me up, i felt like i was slipping away, my body felt numb, needless to say that I am going to start trying to go to sleep without any medicines and hopefully the lord will help me, so i wont have to go get more Ambien. I know I am addicted to them but I am trying really hard to stay away from them. GOD BLESS!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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