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    Teddy B.

    I’ve been fighting MRSA for three years now.before my doctors knew I had MRSA they put me on typical antibiotics for staff infection like Keflex and dicloxacillin. Then they found out I had MRSA. Since then I use after every time they even get a little zit. I have to say maybe I’m lucky not to get allergic reactions like the rashes Sarah wrote about but for MRSA Septra has been a very good treatment for my MRSA infections. Now my doctor just has me keep a bottle of scepter on hand so that I can start it at first sign of infection. Nothing seems to get rid of this miserable germ but at least Septra works well and keeps me from ending up having terrible abscesses.if you had ever had a bad infection with MRSA he’d be happy to take anything would work.


    Mark Pollard

    Please understand I’m not attempting “sell” anyone only showing living proof from not only myself having this rare most painful 24/7 incurable illness proven to all mankind, survivor of 3 bouts not only MRSA several other diseases now 100% PH Balanced.
    With over 4 million having same results from above website Scientifically proven #1 in the World, NASA Space Certified “Air SURFACE Purification CLEANSING units”.
    Not only saved my own life after on going weekly hospitalaztions from such diseases such as MRSA, Pneamonia, Asthma, COPD and yes the so-called incurable “Sleep Apnea” now over 5 years without even a sniffle no more mask necessary for the Sleep Apnea.
    Allow me to explain those of us unfornate having to deal with this http://www.rsds.org. Our immune systems crash quickly several others end up committing suicides that’s how painful this is. Imagine putting your finger in boiling water add to the equation stabbing and probing throughout your entire body again 24/7.
    Upon entering the site look for Environmental products choosing “Fresh Air Suround” these 12X8 units cover a legitimate amount of 3000 sg footage without ever moving only need cleaning every 30 days with a 3 year warrantee have had mine over 5 yrs without even a continues amazing every world wide specialist never a repair needed.
    In fact with over 500 personally out there from Dr’s, hospitals individuals all having the exact same results.
    Here’s why these work eliminating 100% of those disease carrying particles use see through the sunlight. 80% of what your seeing carries Dust mites other 20% Dead skin your breathing in one of several killer Bacterias, Viruses, Influenzas, every place whether new or old has the following until placing this item; Mold and Mildew even through the walls, Ecoli,Salmonila the list goes on.
    Understand these are not (no names need mentioning) the garbage seen on TV or stores I have 100′s of personal testimonials.
    Here’s my offer to those who mention seeing this helpful info after your reviewing (plenty other unheard awesome products) suggest you call vs ordering from my website. I’ll give you my families discount $125.00 off the already lowest price in the industry remembering these, “work”!
    Final items upon your calling will answer any questions walk you through not only the setting up process you have my lifetime support. Other items worth viewing the Laundry Pure deivice “no hot water or laundry detergent ever needed” clothes lasting 40% longer keeping 100% chemically free. Hope this has been an educational experience for you and any loved ones.

    Many Blessings,
    Mark Pollard
    National Director



    Hi, I am NOT a doctor but I have has a lot of experience with MRSA.

    Here are just a few link to look at that may help a bit…it is NOT a cure

    Manuka Honey, yes, honey but a specific kind…see below and google it if you want…many scientific studies done…helped me…amazon has best price…I researched it…
    Check amazon for Eras Natural Sciences Wound Honey

    Another thing you should google is MRSA Probiotics…again…NOT a cure but may help a bit

    Hope this helps…if you have time, learn as much as you can from the info on the Web. If it sound too good to be true…it is not worth your time…look for info backed by reputable studies…it’ the best
    way to go…

    Hoping this helps…JB



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