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    I have been taking Ambien for years. If I do not take it, I don’t sleep. For the last few years, my long and short term memory is getting worse and worse. I am only 51!

    Could this be a side effect of Ambien?



    I took Ambien for one month and I had horrible short term and long term memory problems… speech issues and couldn’t find my words. I felt like I had ADD… after stopping Ambien I am feeling much better. I really think it was the Ambien. Hope this helped!



    Understand the short term memory loss..IT IS FOR REAL…THIS MEDICATION SHOULD NOT GIVEN FOR YEARS>>>>THE Medical profession an Pharmecutical companies do something about this…..Have also been taking it for years an now have been feeling these affects of memory loss an not getting enough sleep……Time to find better meds……Before it causes me more server problems……..I’m 47……Ambien should be taken off the market till its proven more safe…



    I have also been taking Ambien every night to fall asleep for several months and I have also been having a weird feeling in my stomach as well as very bad memory problems. I also now want more sleep and have been waking up tired even after eight hours of sleep. Sometimes I feel as if I can’t get enough air to breathe, not sure if it is just from a tired feeling are what. I am through with Ambien even if I do not sleep for 3 or 4 days. It was great in the beginning but as become very habit forming for me. You do fall asleep easy, but, it is just not worth it.



    Sleep aids can decrease the amount of REM sleep you get each night, which is important for memory consolidation, so that may explain the memory loss.



    I’ve been on Ambien for 1 1/2 years. I am losing ability to focus and my short term memory is leaving me. Doc says this is a side affect and he took me off the ambien. My concern that this is now permanent for me as far as focusing and memory loss. Is this true? Please…somebody who knows respond to this.



    Clarence, your not the only one. I’m in the same situation as you and I’m currently taking “focus factor” because its supposed to support brain health, and maintain memory its expensive, around $25 a small bottle. Maybe you will have better luck than me with it. Stay away from the ambien. I abused it for a while and now i have to face the music. I’m not sure if its true. I hope it isn’t and I don’t like to believe its true. Whatever it may be.. good luck and god bless.


    Penny cundiff

    Although this medication is helpful in getting to sleep, I feel that it is unpredictable and dangerous. I took the medication as prescribed, at6:00pm. I woke up @ 7:30am the next morning. I showered, ate a full breakfast and went for a 1 mile walk. I arrived at the bank @ 9:00am, and I recall leaving shortly thereafter. I have no memory of anything after that. 20 miles later my vehicle ran off the highway,and I cut a tree off before rolling over an embankment, and landing upside down in a creek. Since I was cited by police for “failure to maintain control”, I hired an attorney. During the meeting with the attorney I discovered that he was working on cases for 3 other women who had wrecked while using this medication. Please understand that this medication can be deadly.


    Holly Hennessey

    I have had insomnia for many yrs. I tried Ambien 10mg and I was finally able to sleep, but I’ve found myself having confusion and terrible memory problems since I started it. I even had trouble writing this, so I’m stopping it. I will go back to being awake most of the night, but I cannot deal with the side effects. I notice I’m also emotional like when I had PMS. I’ve been post menopausal for yrs so I think the Ambien may also be to blame.



    I’ve taken ambien in the past, and had no major problems with it, it helped me sleep and didn’t really seem to effect my memory unless I stayed awake after it set in. This was the extended release kind, though. The stuff I’m on at the moment is not helping me sleep. On the contrary, I feel very energetic, or maybe I should say that I feel energized. There are all kinds of things, hobbies I’d sort of like to get into, things I’d like to study or get involved in – all of these are things I think about normally, but I… I don’t know why I don’t just do them, rather than screw around online and such when I’m not at work. Obviously I can’t function normally on this drug, I can’t even remember why I decided to post this to begin with – there was specific question I had. But if I could figure out how to get that feeling of being… able, I guess, to do the things I want to do… hmmm, maybe I just need to see a therapist or something. Whatever, I guess I’ll post it anyway. Any insights you may glean from this gibberish would be welcomed.


    Dennis Carlson

    I to take ambien cr and have taken it for years. Its the only way i can sleep! But I to am having short term memory loss! I wonder if it has anything to do with it!



    I have been taking ambien for a couple of years…10mg…i am having horrible horrible short term memory loss…my doc wants me to cut in half or stop…i can hardly sleep without it…but this fog and memory loss is affecting my work and life in general. I cant follow instructions and i get lost in conversation and i cant find the words i want to say…but I’m hooked. At the same time i have to get my life back….i hope its not too late!

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