Use of Vicodin and alcohol is generally considered unsafe because of the risk of excessive central nervous system depression leading to poor coordination, judgement and the attendant risk of accidents. In addition use of Vicodin and alcohol can increase the risks of respiratory depression, asphyxia and death from respiratory failure.

Vicodin is used as a pain-killer. It consists of two analgesic products-hydrocodone and acetaminophen. The combination of these two drugs gives better pain relief than either used alone, but a major concern is of accidental acetaminophen overdose if more pills than are prescribed are taken in an attempt to achieve pain relief. The big issue with acetaminophen overdose is hepatotoxicity. This can be painless in its early stages, and there is the potential that alcohol, itself a hepatic toxin, may worsen this consequence of acetaminophen over-dosage.

The hydrocodone ingredient in Vicodin is an opioid analgesic, and as such shares many of the potential issues of all of the other opioids. It can lead to physical tolerance, addiction and is a popular street drug for recreational misuse. Consequences of high doses of Vicodin and alcohol can be life threatening and include respiratory depression, coma and death. Since Vicodin can impair your judgmental and thinking ability it may lead to mistakes and poor choices regarding dosage and alcohol intake.

Someone who drinks on a regular basis or has any alcoholic liver-disease needs to be more aware of the potential liver toxicity of drugs which contain acetaminophen.

Doctors usually suggest avoiding consumption of alcohol when you are taking an opioid pain killer like Vicodin. Avoiding the combination of vidocin and alcohol is optimal.

Study our main page on Vicodin side effects and we urge you to share your experience on vicodin and alcohol below.

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