Zithromax and alcohol do not have any major interactions that make use of alcohol while taking Zithromax problematic. Many people are under that impression that use of alcohol while taking an antibiotic can reduce the efficacy of the antibiotic in killing bacteria and fighting infection. That is not true for Zithromax nor is it true for almost all other antibiotics.

Consumption of both the drugs together does not have any serious adverse effect on the health. Zithromax works as an antibiotic that is effective on infections of the skin, respiratory system, and other areas due to organisms that are sensitive to Zithromax. Zithromax is also used to treat some types of sexually transmitted infections including chlamydia.

Consumption of Zithromax and alcohol in combination can lead to additive symptoms when the side effects of both drugs are similar as can be the case with vertigo, weakness, dizziness and others. Other issues with alcohol intake, especially chronic alcohol intake and use of alcohol in excess may include poor nutrition, lack of sleep, and vitamin deficiencies. Any of these situations may make it more difficult for a person to combat bacterial infections, and reduce the chances of cure of bacterial infections while on Zithromax.

Other Zithromax side effects can include breathing problems, face and tongue swelling, diarrhea, and insomnia. Some of these symptoms may also be worse with excess alcohol intake. In summary although use of Zithromax and alcohol intake in moderation is not likely to be harmful, excess alcohol use while trying to recover from a serious bacterial infection may lessen the chances of prompt recovery.

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